The Yanks Are Coming (1942)

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“The Yanks Are Coming” is a 1942 American propaganda film directed by Alexis Thurn-Taxis and produced by Warner Bros. The film is a tribute to the American military and its role in World War II. The movie is divided into three parts, each focusing on a different branch of the armed forces.

The first part of the film focuses on the Army, showcasing its training, equipment, and soldiers. It highlights the discipline and dedication of the soldiers as they prepare for war, and it shows the various types of weapons and vehicles they use.

The second part of the film highlights the Navy and its role in protecting the country from invasion. It shows the various types of ships and submarines used by the Navy, as well as the training and skill required to operate them. The film also includes footage of naval battles, including the sinking of German U-boats.

The third and final part of the film is dedicated to the Air Force, which is shown engaging in bombing raids and dogfights with enemy planes. The film highlights the bravery and skill of the pilots, as well as the technological advancements that have made air combat more efficient and deadly.

Throughout the film, the message is clear: the American military is strong, well-equipped, and ready to defend the country against any threat. The film’s title, “The Yanks Are Coming,” is a rallying cry that emphasizes the determination and resolve of the American people to win the war and protect their freedom.

Alexis Thurn-Taxis

Tony Stern, Lew Pollack, Edward E. Kaye

Henry King, Mary Healy, Jack Heller

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