The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928)

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“The Passion of Joan of Arc” is a silent film released in 1928, directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer and starring Maria Falconetti in the title role.

The film tells the story of Joan of Arc, a young French woman who led the French army to several victories during the Hundred Years’ War. After being captured by the English and sold to the Church, Joan is put on trial for heresy.

Through a series of intense and emotional scenes, the film depicts Joan’s struggles to maintain her faith and defend herself against accusations of witchcraft and treason. The trial is presided over by a group of clerics who are determined to break her spirit and force her to renounce her beliefs.

Despite the immense pressure and emotional toll of the trial, Joan remains steadfast in her faith and refuses to give in to the demands of her accusers. Ultimately, she is sentenced to death and burned at the stake.

“The Passion of Joan of Arc” is known for its powerful performances, emotional intensity, and innovative cinematography. The close-up shots of Falconetti’s face convey a range of emotions with remarkable depth and subtlety, making the film a masterful work of silent cinema. Its themes of faith, persecution, and the struggle for justice and truth make it a timeless classic that still resonates with audiences today.

Carl Theodor Dreyer

Joseph Delteil, Carl Theodor Dreyer

Maria Falconetti, Eugene Silvain, André Berley

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