Downhill (1927)

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“Downhill” is a 1927 silent drama film directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starring Ivor Novello, Isabel Jeans, and Robin Irvine.

The film follows the story of Roddy Berwick, a popular and wealthy young man who is falsely accused of fathering a child by a young woman. His reputation is ruined and his friends and family turn against him, leading him to leave school and set out on a downward spiral.

As he struggles to survive in the harsh realities of life, Roddy meets a series of characters who take advantage of him and lead him further down the path of despair. He becomes involved with a dance hall girl, loses his job, and is forced to sleep on the streets.

In the end, Roddy is rescued by his former schoolmaster, who helps him clear his name and rebuild his life. He reconciles with his family and friends, but the experiences he has gone through have left their mark on him.

“Downhill” is a poignant and powerful drama that explores the themes of social class, reputation, and the harsh realities of life. Hitchcock’s skillful direction and Novello’s powerful performance make the film a classic of the silent era, and a must-see for fans of the director and the genre.

Alfred Hitchcock

Constance Collier, Ivor Novello, Eliot Stannard

Ivor Novello, Ben Webster, Norman McKinnel

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