Arizona Gunfighter (1937)

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“Arizona Gunfighter” is a Western movie released in 1937, directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet and starring Bob Steele as the lead character, Steve Jordan.

The plot of the movie revolves around Steve Jordan, a gunfighter who is falsely accused of murder and forced to go on the run. He hides out in a small town where he meets a woman named Anne, who runs a local newspaper. Steve helps Anne uncover corruption in the town, including a plot by a group of cattle rustlers who are trying to take over the town.

As Steve and Anne work together to expose the corruption, they begin to fall in love. However, Steve’s past catches up with him and he is forced to confront his accusers in a final shootout.

Throughout the movie, there are plenty of classic Western scenes, including gunfights, horseback chases, and showdowns at high noon. “Arizona Gunfighter” is a typical example of the Western genre that was popular in the 1930s, and it remains an enjoyable movie for fans of the genre.

Sam Newfield

Harry F. Olmsted, George H. Plympton

Bob Steele, Jean Carmen, Ted Adams

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