Nevada City (1941)

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“Nevada City” (1941), directed by Roy Thornton and starring Roy Rogers and Gabby Hayes. The movie is set in Nevada City, California, during the late 1800s and follows the conflict between a railroad owner and a stage line owner, who are both being targeted by a group of outlaws seeking to undermine their operations.

Roy Rogers plays a federal agent who is sent to Nevada City to investigate the sabotage and bring the outlaws to justice. Gabby Hayes plays his sidekick, who helps him in his investigations and in mediating the conflict between the two sides.

As the story progresses, Roy and Gabby encounter a number of obstacles and challenges, including gunfights, ambushes, and a romantic interest played by Joan Woodbury. In the end, they are able to expose the bad guys and restore peace to Nevada City.

The movie features Roy Rogers and Gabby Hayes’ signature blend of action, humor, and music, which were popular with audiences of the time. It also showcases the rugged terrain and frontier atmosphere of Nevada City during the late 1800s, which were typical of many western movies made during that era.

Joseph Kane

James R. Webb

Roy Rogers, George ‘Gabby’ Hayes, Sally Payne

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