Below the Deadline (1936)

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“Below the Deadline” is a 1936 crime drama directed by Charles Lamont and starring Warren Hull, Doris Weston, and Henry Mollison. The film follows the story of a newspaper reporter who investigates a murder case and uncovers a web of deceit and corruption.

The film centers around Tom Dickson (Warren Hull), a young reporter who works for a struggling newspaper. When a prominent businessman is found murdered in his office, Tom sees it as a chance to make a name for himself and sets out to investigate the case. He soon discovers that the victim was involved in a shady real estate deal and that several people had a motive for his murder.

As Tom delves deeper into the case, he becomes the target of a powerful criminal organization that is determined to stop him from uncovering the truth. He is aided in his investigation by his girlfriend, Grace Bradshaw (Doris Weston), and his editor, Bill Harris (Harvey Stephens), but they soon find themselves in danger as well.

Tom’s investigation leads him to a dangerous criminal mastermind named “The Chief” (Henry Mollison), who will stop at nothing to protect his interests. Tom and his allies must race against time to expose the truth and bring the criminals to justice before they become the next victims.

“Below the Deadline” is a gripping crime drama with a fast-paced plot and a strong cast. It explores themes of corruption and the power of the press, and it remains a classic example of the crime film genre of the 1930s.

Charles Lamont

Ewart Adamson

Cecilia Parker, Russell Hopton, Theodore von Eltz

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