The Devil Diamond (1937)

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“The Devil Diamond” is a novel written by Scottish author, Michael Arlen, first published in 1937. The story is set in the fictional African country of Rholandia and revolves around the discovery and pursuit of a rare and valuable diamond known as the “Devil Diamond.”

The novel begins with the arrival of American adventurer, John Christopher, in Rholandia. Christopher is hired by a wealthy Englishman, Sir Charles Vandrift, to search for the Devil Diamond, which is said to be cursed and bring bad luck to its owner. Sir Charles hopes to find the diamond and destroy it to rid his family of the curse.

Christopher is joined on his mission by the beautiful and mysterious Zita, who has her own motives for finding the diamond. Together, they set off on a perilous journey through the jungle, encountering various obstacles and dangers along the way, including hostile tribes, wild animals, and treacherous terrain.

As they get closer to finding the diamond, they are pursued by a group of ruthless diamond hunters, led by the cunning and sadistic Gaspard Jarnot. Jarnot will stop at nothing to get his hands on the Devil Diamond, and he will go to great lengths to eliminate anyone who stands in his way.

In the end, Christopher and Zita succeed in finding the Devil Diamond, but they are forced to make a difficult decision about its fate. Meanwhile, Jarnot meets a gruesome end, and Sir Charles and his family are finally free from the curse.

“The Devil Diamond” is a thrilling adventure story that explores the themes of greed, ambition, and the pursuit of wealth at any cost. It is also a tale of love and redemption, as the characters learn valuable lessons about the true meaning of happiness and the importance of human connections.

Leslie Goodwins

Peter B. Kyne, Charles R. Condon, Sherman L. Lowe

Frankie Darro, Kane Richmond, June Gale

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