The Desert Trail (1935)

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“The Desert Trail” is a classic western movie released in 1935 and directed by Lewis D. Collins. It stars John Wayne as John Scott, a rodeo rider who finds himself in the middle of a murder mystery.

The movie begins with John Scott and his friend, Kansas Charlie (Eddy Chandler), traveling to a rodeo competition in Rattlesnake Gulch. On the way, they stop at a small town where they witness a bank robbery and murder. John is framed for the crime and must prove his innocence while on the run from the law.

John and Kansas Charlie make their way to Rattlesnake Gulch, where they compete in the rodeo and meet a young woman named Anne (Mary Kornman). They also discover that the real culprits behind the bank robbery are in town and plan to strike again.

As the story progresses, John becomes determined to clear his name and bring the real criminals to justice. He teams up with Anne and her father to catch the thieves and solve the murder mystery. Along the way, John and Anne fall in love.

In the end, John and his allies successfully catch the robbers and clear his name. John and Anne plan to start a new life together. “The Desert Trail” is a classic western movie with all the elements of the genre, including shootouts, horse chases, and a hero seeking justice in the Wild West.

Lewis D. Collins

Lindsley Parsons

John Wayne, Mary Kornman, Paul Fix

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