Betty Boop-Is My Pam Read (1932)

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“Betty Boop Is My Pam” is a 1932 animated short film produced by Fleischer Studios and directed by Dave Fleischer. The film features Betty Boop as a nurse who visits the home of a bedridden patient named Tom Thumb. When Betty arrives, Tom mistakes her for his favorite actress, Pam, and begins to imagine himself in various scenarios with Betty as Pam.

Throughout the short, Tom’s fantasies become more and more extravagant, with Betty as Pam appearing in a Hollywood film set, a wild west town, and even as a mermaid in an underwater kingdom. Betty plays along with Tom’s fantasies, entertaining him with song and dance, until she finally reveals her true identity as a nurse and tends to his needs.

The film is notable for its use of song and dance, as well as its imaginative and surreal animation style. It also features a cameo appearance by Cab Calloway, who performs his hit song “Minnie the Moocher” during one of Tom’s fantasies. “Betty Boop Is My Pam” remains a classic example of the Fleischer Studios’ unique approach to animation during the golden age of Hollywood cartoons.

Dave Fleischer

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