The Bronze Buckaroo (1939)

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“The Bronze Buckaroo” is a 1939 Western film directed by Richard C. Kahn. It features an all-black cast and tells the story of Bob Blake, a cowboy singer who arrives in a small town to perform at the local saloon. Bob soon finds himself caught up in a conflict between the town’s corrupt mayor and a group of ranchers who are being cheated out of their land.

Bob, who is also known as the “Bronze Buckaroo,” uses his singing and riding skills to help the ranchers fight back against the mayor and his henchmen. Along the way, he falls in love with a local schoolteacher named Mary, who is also a talented musician.

The film features several musical performances, including Bob’s rendition of the title song, “The Bronze Buckaroo.” It also includes scenes of rodeo riding and cattle driving, as well as a dramatic shootout between Bob and the mayor’s men.

“The Bronze Buckaroo” is notable for its all-black cast and for being one of the few Westerns made during the era that featured black actors in prominent roles. It has since become a cult classic and an important piece of African American cinema history.

Richard C. Kahn

Richard C. Kahn

Herb Jeffries, Lucius Brooks, Artie Young

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