The Local Bad Man (1932)

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“The Local Bad Man” is a western film from 1932, directed by Otto Brower and starring Wallace Beery, Dorothy Jordan, and Andy Devine.

The film follows the story of a notorious outlaw named “Trigger” Bill, played by Wallace Beery. Trigger Bill is a ruthless and violent criminal who has a reputation for being the most feared man in the region. He has a gang of bandits who help him in his criminal activities, and he is constantly on the run from the law.

One day, Trigger Bill meets a beautiful young woman named Myrtle, played by Dorothy Jordan. Myrtle is a schoolteacher who has come to the town to teach the local children. Trigger Bill is immediately taken by Myrtle’s beauty and charm, and he begins to court her.

As the two spend more time together, Trigger Bill begins to change. He starts to become more civilized and begins to question his life of crime. Myrtle encourages Trigger Bill to turn his life around and leave his criminal past behind.

However, Trigger Bill’s old gang members are not happy with his new lifestyle, and they begin to plot against him. They eventually turn on him, and Trigger Bill is forced to confront his old life in a violent showdown.

In the end, Trigger Bill is able to defeat his former gang members and start a new life with Myrtle. The film ends with the two of them riding off into the sunset together, leaving Trigger Bill’s past behind him.

Otto Brower

Peter B. Kyne, Philip Graham White

Hoot Gibson, Sally Blane, Hooper Atchley

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