Phantom Cowboy (1935)

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“Phantom Cowboy” is a 1935 Western film directed by George Sherman and starring Harry Carey, Hoot Gibson, and Tom Tyler. The film follows a cowboy named Tom, who is falsely accused of a crime he did not commit and is chased by the law. Tom takes refuge in a cave and discovers a hidden underground city that is inhabited by a group of outlaws.

The outlaws have been using the underground city as a base for their criminal activities, and they offer Tom a deal: he can join their gang and become rich, or they will turn him over to the authorities. Tom reluctantly agrees to join the gang and soon finds himself embroiled in their schemes.

However, Tom’s conscience begins to weigh on him, and he decides to turn against the gang and help the law bring them to justice. He teams up with a group of cowboys and together they take on the outlaws in a thrilling showdown.

In the end, justice prevails, and Tom is exonerated of the false accusations against him. He rides off into the sunset, leaving the underground city behind and returning to a life of honest work as a cowboy.

Robert J. Horner

Carl Krusada

Ted Wells, Doris Brook, George Chesebro

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