Devil Riders (1943)

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“Devil Riders” is a Western movie released in 1943, directed by Sam Newfield and produced by Sigmund Neufeld. The film stars Buster Crabbe as Billy Carson, a cowboy who is mistaken for a notorious outlaw and is forced to clear his name.

The story begins with Billy and his friend Fuzzy Q. Jones (Al St. John) arriving in the town of Red Rock. They are immediately mistaken for the notorious outlaw, The Raven, and are forced to flee from the law. The Raven is a notorious bandit who has been terrorizing the town and its inhabitants.

Billy and Fuzzy eventually meet up with the real Raven and his gang, and together they plan to steal a shipment of gold. However, Billy has a change of heart and decides to turn against The Raven and his gang, hoping to clear his own name in the process.

The film features several action-packed scenes, including a thrilling shootout and a dramatic horse chase. The climax of the film takes place in a dusty ghost town, where Billy and The Raven face off in a final showdown.

In the end, Billy proves his innocence and The Raven is brought to justice. The film ends with Billy and Fuzzy riding off into the sunset, ready for their next adventure.

Sam Newfield

Joseph O’Donnell

Buster Crabbe, Falcon, Al St. John

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