West of the Divide (1934)

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“West of the Divide” is a classic western movie released in 1934 and directed by Robert N. Bradbury. It stars John Wayne as Ted Hayden, a cowboy seeking revenge for his father’s murder.

The movie begins with Ted Hayden’s father, a sheriff, being killed by a gang of outlaws. Ted becomes determined to seek revenge and bring the killers to justice. He tracks down the gang to a nearby town, where he meets a young woman named Fay (Virginia Brown Faire), who is being forced to marry the gang leader, Jim (Lloyd Whitlock).

Ted poses as a wanted outlaw to get closer to the gang and gain their trust. He also tries to protect Fay from Jim’s abusive behavior. Along the way, Ted learns that one of the gang members, Mort (Yakima Canutt), is actually his long-lost brother. The two brothers reunite and work together to take down the rest of the gang.

As the story progresses, Ted and Fay begin to fall in love. Ted’s loyalty is tested when he discovers that Fay’s father was one of the men responsible for his father’s death. Despite this revelation, Ted remains committed to his mission of bringing justice to his family and Fay’s.

In the end, Ted and Mort successfully take down the gang and bring them to justice. Ted and Fay are reunited and plan to start a new life together. “West of the Divide” is a classic western movie with all the hallmarks of the genre, including shootouts, horse chases, and a hero seeking justice in the Wild West.

Robert N. Bradbury

Robert N. Bradbury, Oliver Drake

John Wayne, Virginia Brown Faire, George ‘Gabby’ Hayes

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