The Man From Utah (1934)

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“The Man From Utah” is a classic Western film released in 1934, directed by Robert N. Bradbury and starring John Wayne in the lead role. The movie follows the story of a rodeo cowboy named John Weston, who is hired by the government to investigate a series of mysterious deaths that have been occurring at a local rodeo.

The movie begins with John Weston (Wayne) riding into town and entering the rodeo competition. He quickly becomes a favorite among the crowds due to his impressive riding skills and charming personality.

As the rodeo progresses, John begins to suspect that something fishy is going on behind the scenes. He discovers that the rodeo is being run by a corrupt businessman named Ed Walsh, who is involved in a scheme to rig the competition and extort money from the other rodeo riders.

With the help of a local lawman named Marshal Higgins, John sets out to expose the corruption and bring Walsh and his accomplices to justice. Along the way, he also finds himself falling for a beautiful young woman named Marjorie Carter (Polly Ann Young), who is the daughter of one of the other rodeo riders.

In the end, John is successful in stopping Walsh’s scheme and saving the rodeo from ruin. He also manages to win Marjorie’s heart and is hailed as a hero by the townspeople.

“The Man From Utah” is a thrilling Western adventure that showcases John Wayne’s talent as an actor and his charismatic on-screen presence. The film features several exciting rodeo scenes, including bull riding and steer wrestling, as well as plenty of action-packed shootouts and horseback chases. Overall, it’s a must-see for fans of the genre.

Robert N. Bradbury

Lindsley Parsons

John Wayne, Polly Ann Young, Anita Campillo

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