Adventures of Captain Marvel 1941 – Chapter 08

In Chapter 8 of Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941), the Scorpion’s henchmen are still in pursuit of Betty Wallace and her brother Whitey, who possess one of the six lenses that will allow the Scorpion to locate the powerful Scorpion Tomb.

Meanwhile, Captain Marvel continues his efforts to thwart the Scorpion’s evil plan. He manages to intercept one of the henchmen and obtain the lens they had stolen from Betty and Whitey. However, the Scorpion is always one step ahead, and he manages to obtain another lens from a museum exhibit.

As the Scorpion’s plan begins to take shape, Captain Marvel realizes that he must act quickly if he is going to prevent the villain from locating the tomb and unleashing its power. He sets out to find the remaining lenses before the Scorpion can get his hands on them.

In a thrilling sequence, Captain Marvel confronts the Scorpion’s henchmen and engages in a fierce battle to secure the remaining lenses. However, as the chapter ends, it is clear that the Scorpion is not giving up without a fight, and the stage is set for an epic showdown between the two adversaries.

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