Cavalcade of the West (1936)

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Cavalcade of the West is a 1936 Western film directed by Harry S. Webb and starring Hoot Gibson, Sally Eilers, and William Farnum. The film tells the story of a cowboy who becomes embroiled in a conflict between cattle ranchers and sheepherders in the Old West.

The film opens with cowboy Dan Clark (Gibson) returning to his hometown to find that tensions are high between the local cattle ranchers and sheepherders. The ranchers believe that the sheepherders are destroying the grazing land and cutting into their profits, and they begin to take violent action against them.

Dan becomes involved in the conflict when he falls in love with Mary Baxter (Eilers), the daughter of a sheepherder. He tries to help the sheepherders find a solution to the problem, but the ranchers are unwilling to compromise. The situation comes to a head when a group of ranchers attack a group of sheepherders, and Dan is forced to take action to defend his love and her family.

The film features exciting shootouts and horse chases, as well as a touching love story between Dan and Mary. The cast delivers strong performances, particularly Gibson as the brave and determined cowboy.

In the end, Dan manages to broker a peace between the ranchers and sheepherders, bringing an end to the violence and allowing for a peaceful coexistence. The film ends with Dan and Mary riding off into the sunset, symbolizing the triumph of love and unity over hatred and division.

Cavalcade of the West is a classic Western film that explores themes of conflict and unity in the Old West. Its strong performances and thrilling action sequences make it a must-see for fans of the genre.

Harry L. Fraser

Norman Houston

Hoot Gibson, Rex Lease, Marion Shilling

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