Windjammer (1937)

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“Windjammer” is a 1937 American drama film directed by Edward Sloman and starring George O’Brien and Constance Worth. The story follows Captain Willoby (O’Brien), a tough and experienced sailor who takes command of a windjammer ship and faces numerous challenges as he tries to complete a dangerous voyage.

The film opens with Captain Willoby being assigned to take command of the windjammer ship, “Mary Ann,” which is scheduled to sail from San Francisco to Australia. He meets with the owner of the ship, Mr. Thorpe, and his daughter, Barbara (Worth), who is also on board. Willoby is immediately attracted to Barbara, but she is engaged to another man, a wealthy businessman named Stephen Wayne.

As the ship sets sail, Willoby faces a mutiny attempt by some of the crew members who are unhappy with his leadership. He manages to put down the mutiny and gain the respect of the crew. However, his problems are far from over. The ship encounters a fierce storm, and Willoby must use all his skills and experience to keep the ship afloat. Along the way, he and Barbara grow closer, and she begins to question her engagement to Wayne.

As the ship approaches Australia, Wayne appears on board and demands that Barbara return with him. Willoby intervenes and fights Wayne, eventually throwing him overboard. The ship finally reaches its destination, and Willoby and Barbara profess their love for each other.

Overall, “Windjammer” is an exciting and dramatic film that showcases the dangers and challenges of life at sea, as well as the strength and courage of those who sail on the high seas.

Ewing Scott

Daniel Jarrett, James Gruen, Roul Haig

George O’Brien, Constance Worth, William Hall

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