Under The Red Robe (1937)

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“Under The Red Robe” is a historical adventure novel written by British author Stanley Weyman, first published in 1894. The novel is set in 17th century France and follows the story of Gil de Berault, a young aristocrat who has fallen out of favor with the king and is forced to flee Paris to avoid arrest.

Gil takes refuge in the countryside and assumes the identity of a traveling Spanish priest, Don Alvares. He is aided by a band of smugglers who help him to navigate the dangerous terrain of the French countryside and avoid the king’s soldiers who are hunting him.

As Don Alvares, Gil becomes involved in the affairs of a local noblewoman, Madame de Longueville, and her husband, the Marquis de Pompiers. He learns of a plot to assassinate the king and risks everything to thwart the conspirators and clear his own name.

Throughout the novel, Gil grapples with questions of honor, loyalty, and identity, as he tries to reconcile his noble upbringing with the harsh realities of life on the run. His adventures take him across France and into the heart of the royal court, where he must use all of his wits and courage to survive.

“Under The Red Robe” is a thrilling and engaging adventure story that captures the spirit of 17th century France. It is a classic tale of swashbuckling heroism, political intrigue, and romanticism that has captivated readers for generations.

Victor Sjöström

Lajos Biró, Philip Lindsay, J.L. Hodson

Conrad Veidt, Annabella, Raymond Massey

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