Time Table (1956)

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“Time Table” is a 1956 crime film directed by Mark Stevens. The movie revolves around a meticulously planned train heist orchestrated by a group of criminals.

The story follows an ex-convict named Mike, portrayed by Mark Stevens himself, who is coerced into participating in the heist. The gang, led by a ruthless mastermind named Paul Bruckner, played by King Calder, intends to rob a train carrying a large amount of money. The plan involves carefully timing the heist to ensure a seamless execution.

As the gang members prepare for the robbery, tensions rise within the group. Mike becomes increasingly conflicted about his involvement and contemplates double-crossing the criminals. Meanwhile, a determined police detective named George Ryan, portrayed by Jack Klugman, is hot on the trail, determined to thwart the heist.

The film builds suspense as the gang’s plan is set in motion and the train approaches its designated location. However, unexpected complications arise, leading to a thrilling climax filled with action, twists, and intense confrontations.

“Time Table” explores themes of loyalty, betrayal, and the consequences of one’s choices. It offers a classic heist story with a focus on the intricate planning and execution of the crime, as well as the psychological dynamics among the characters involved.

Please note that as an AI language model, I don’t have access to a detailed scene-by-scene summary of the film. The information provided is based on a general understanding of the plot and themes commonly associated with “Time Table.”

Mark Stevens

Robert Angus, Aben Kandel

Mark Stevens, King Calder, Felicia Farr

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