Thunder in the City (1937)

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“Thunder in the City” is a 1937 British film directed by Marion Gering and starring Edward G. Robinson and Nigel Bruce. The film follows the story of Dan Armstrong (Robinson), an American businessman who travels to Britain to convince the locals to invest in his new venture – a project to build a new type of aircraft.

Upon arriving in Britain, Armstrong is met with skepticism from the locals, who are wary of his brash American ways. However, he manages to win over some influential people, including Sir Christopher Strong (Bruce), a wealthy aristocrat with a passion for aviation. Together, they work to promote Armstrong’s new aircraft to the British public, but they face stiff competition from a rival company.

As Armstrong and Sir Christopher battle to win over investors, they also find themselves competing for the affections of Lady Edwina Esketh (Constance Bennett), a glamorous socialite who is torn between her love for Sir Christopher and her attraction to Armstrong.

The film explores themes of ambition, competition, and romance, and features some stunning aerial footage of early aviation. Although it received mixed reviews upon its release, “Thunder in the City” is now considered a classic example of British cinema from the 1930s, and it remains a popular choice for fans of vintage movies.

Marion Gering

Robert E. Sherwood, Aben Kandel, Ákos Tolnay

Edward G. Robinson, Nigel Bruce, Constance Collier

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