The Trail Beyond (1934)

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“The Trail Beyond” is a Western novel by American author Max Brand, first published in 1934. The story follows the adventures of a young man named Rod Drew, who travels to the wilds of Canada in search of his missing brother.

Rod Drew arrives in the town of Twin Mills, where he meets a beautiful young woman named Felicity, who is also searching for her missing brother. The two team up to find their siblings and embark on a perilous journey through the rugged Canadian wilderness.

Along the way, they encounter a band of ruthless outlaws, led by a man named Blackie. Rod and Felicity are forced to fight for their lives against the vicious gang, using their wits and skills to outsmart their enemies and evade capture.

As they journey deeper into the wilderness, Rod and Felicity uncover a sinister plot involving a mysterious mine and a valuable gold vein. With the help of a wise old trapper named Frenchy, they must navigate treacherous terrain and overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to unravel the truth and bring the outlaws to justice.

“The Trail Beyond” is a classic Western adventure tale, filled with action, suspense, and memorable characters. It captures the rugged spirit of the American frontier, and offers a thrilling glimpse into the lives of those who dared to explore the unknown reaches of the wild west.

Robert N. Bradbury

James Oliver Curwood, Lindsley Parsons

John Wayne, Noah Beery, Verna Hillie

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