The Town Went Wild (1944)

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“The Town Went Wild” is a comedy film directed by Ralph Murphy and released in 1944. The movie is set in a small town that experiences a sudden and bizarre change in behavior among its residents.

The film’s protagonist is Frank Raymond (Freddie Bartholomew), a young man who returns to his hometown after serving in the military during World War II. He finds the town in chaos, with its inhabitants suddenly becoming wild and unruly.

The cause of the town’s transformation is a mysterious gas that has been released from a nearby chemical plant. The gas affects people differently, with some becoming aggressive and others becoming overly emotional.

As the town’s residents become more and more uncontrollable, Frank and his girlfriend, Jane (Joan Leslie), work to find a solution to the problem. They discover that the gas has also affected the town’s water supply and work to cut off the source of contamination.

In the end, Frank and Jane are able to restore order to the town and save it from complete chaos. The film ends with the two of them embracing, happy to have reunited and brought peace back to their community.

Overall, “The Town Went Wild” is a lighthearted comedy that uses the idea of a small town going crazy as a humorous premise. The film also touches on themes of community and the importance of working together to solve problems.

Ralph Murphy

Bernard B. Roth, Clarence Greene, Russell Rouse

Freddie Bartholomew, Jimmy Lydon, Edward Everett Horton

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