The Spy In White (1936)

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“The Spy in White” is a British spy thriller film released in 1936. The movie is set in China in the 1920s, during the time of political upheaval and conflict between various factions and foreign powers. The story revolves around a British naval officer, Cmdr. Carey, who is sent to Shanghai to investigate the disappearance of a fellow officer, Captain Thorndyke.

Upon arriving in Shanghai, Carey finds himself embroiled in a dangerous game of espionage and counter-espionage, as various factions and foreign powers compete for influence and control. He meets a beautiful Russian spy, Sonya, who becomes his ally and helps him in his investigation.

Carey discovers that Thorndyke has been kidnapped by a Chinese warlord, General Yang, who is seeking to obtain a secret treaty between Britain and China. With the help of Sonya and his Chinese friend, Dr. Shen, Carey manages to infiltrate Yang’s stronghold and rescue Thorndyke.

However, the mission is not without its cost. Carey is forced to confront his own moral code and make difficult decisions, including sacrificing his own safety and the safety of his comrades to achieve his objectives.

The movie features impressive cinematography, with stunning shots of Shanghai and the surrounding countryside. The performances by the cast, including Leslie Banks as Cmdr. Carey and Madeleine Carroll as Sonya, are also notable. The film is a gripping thriller that provides a glimpse into the complex political landscape of pre-war China.

Andrew Marton

Dennis Wheatley, George A. Hill, Richard Wainwright

Valerie Hobson, James Mason, Frank Vosper

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