The Rodeo (1929)

3/5 (1)

“The Rodeo” is a silent Western film released in 1929 and directed by Ralph Ince. The film stars Hoot Gibson as a rodeo performer named Hoot who becomes embroiled in a conflict between ranchers and a gang of cattle rustlers.

As Hoot performs in a rodeo, he becomes acquainted with a young woman named Mary, who works for the local ranchers. Mary is being harassed by the cattle rustlers, who are trying to force the ranchers to sell their land. Hoot takes it upon himself to help Mary and the ranchers, leading to a series of action-packed confrontations with the rustlers.

The film is notable for its thrilling rodeo scenes and its portrayal of the Wild West during the early 20th century. It was generally well-received upon its initial release and is now considered a classic of the Western genre.

Overall, “The Rodeo” is an exciting and entertaining film that showcases Hoot Gibson’s talents as a rodeo performer and actor, as well as the rugged beauty of the American West.

Alfred J. Goulding

Carl Harbaugh, Jefferson Moffitt, Earle Rodney

Raymond McKee, Ruth Hiatt, Mary Ann Jackson

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