The Private Life of Don Juan (1934)

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“The Private Life of Don Juan” is a 1934 film directed by Alexander Korda and starring Douglas Fairbanks Sr. as the legendary lover Don Juan de Marana. The film follows Don Juan, who has grown old and tired of his playboy lifestyle, as he returns to his hometown in Spain to retire.

However, Don Juan’s reputation precedes him and he is immediately recognized by the locals. He tries to keep a low profile, but his old flame Antonia (Merle Oberon) discovers his presence and tries to rekindle their romance. Don Juan resists at first, but eventually gives in and the two begin an affair.

Meanwhile, Don Juan’s former protégé, Count de Polan (Benita Hume), who has always been jealous of Don Juan’s fame and success, plots to destroy him. Count de Polan hires a group of assassins to kill Don Juan, but the plan fails and Don Juan is able to escape.

Don Juan and Antonia decide to leave Spain together, but as they are about to depart, Count de Polan reveals their plans to the authorities and Don Juan is arrested. In the end, Don Juan is released and allowed to leave Spain, but he realizes that his days of living the life of a womanizer are over and decides to retire for good.

“The Private Life of Don Juan” is a classic romantic adventure film that showcases Douglas Fairbanks Sr.’s charm and charisma as the legendary lover. The film was praised for its beautiful cinematography and costumes, as well as its witty script and engaging storyline.

Alexander Korda

Henry Bataille, Frederick Lonsdale, Lajos Biró

Douglas Fairbanks, Merle Oberon, Bruce Winston

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