The Poor Little Rich Girl (1917)

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“The Poor Little Rich Girl” is a silent film directed by Maurice Tourneur and released in 1917. The film stars Mary Pickford as Gwendolyn, a wealthy and lonely little girl who is ignored by her parents and spends most of her time with her nurse, played by Madlaine Traverse.

Despite her wealth, Gwendolyn is unhappy and yearns for the love and attention of her parents. One night, she falls asleep in her playroom and dreams that she is transported to a fantastical world where she encounters a variety of characters who represent different aspects of her life.

In her dream, Gwendolyn is forced to confront the harsh realities of the world outside of her privileged upbringing. She encounters poverty, illness, and injustice, and realizes that there is more to life than just material wealth.

When she wakes up from her dream, Gwendolyn is a changed person. She reaches out to her parents and finally receives the love and attention she has been craving. The film ends with Gwendolyn happily playing with her parents and realizing that she is not alone in the world.

“The Poor Little Rich Girl” is a classic tale of a child’s search for love and acceptance. Mary Pickford’s performance as Gwendolyn is touching and nuanced, and the film remains a beloved example of early silent cinema.

Maurice Tourneur

Eleanor Gates, Frances Marion

Mary Pickford, Madlaine Traverse, Charles Wellesley

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