The Night Rider (1932)

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“The Night Rider” is a Western movie released in 1932, directed by Fred Allen and starring Buck Jones, Dorothy Revier, and Frank Rice. The film follows the story of a cowboy named Jim Trask (Buck Jones), who is wrongly accused of robbery and murder and must clear his name.

The movie begins with Jim Trask and his partner, Frog Millhouse (Frank Rice), working for a local rancher. However, they are framed for a robbery and murder by a gang of outlaws led by the notorious Night Rider. Trask is forced to flee and go into hiding, while Frog is captured and held for trial.

As Trask tries to clear his name, he becomes embroiled in a range war between two rival ranchers. He also falls in love with the beautiful Alice (Dorothy Revier), the daughter of one of the ranchers. Despite the dangers and obstacles in his path, Trask remains determined to uncover the truth and bring the Night Rider to justice.

The movie features several thrilling action sequences, including a daring rescue mission and a dramatic shootout between Trask and the Night Rider. Ultimately, Trask is able to clear his name and restore his reputation, and he and Alice ride off into the sunset together.

Overall, “The Night Rider” is a classic Western movie that showcases Buck Jones’ rugged charm and the timeless themes of justice and redemption that have made the genre so enduring.

Fred C. Newmeyer, William Nigh

Harry L. Fraser

Harry Carey, Elinor Fair, George ‘Gabby’ Hayes

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