The Long Shot (1939)

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In the film “The Long Shot” (1939), Henry Sharon is a struggling stable owner who is about to lose everything to his rival Lew Ralston. With no other options, Sharon decides to fake his own death and leave his prized horse, Certified Check, to his niece Martha.

Martha, played by Virginia Grey, and her friend Jeff Clayton, played by Johnnie Davis, start entering Certified Check in races, but the horse always loses. After receiving a tip that the horse dislikes running near the rail, Martha and Jeff begin to train Certified Check differently.

Their efforts pay off when they are given an outside post for the big stakes race at Santa Anita, giving the horse a legitimate shot at winning. However, they must keep Certified Check out of sight to prevent Ralston from sabotaging their chances.

The film is a thrilling underdog story about the perseverance of Martha and Jeff as they try to save their family’s stable and keep their beloved horse safe.

Charles Lamont

Ewart Adamson, Harry Beresford, George Callahan

Gordon Jones, Marsha Hunt, C. Henry Gordon

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