The Law Rides Again (1943)

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“The Law Rides Again” is a 1943 western film directed by Alan James and starring Johnny Mack Brown, Raymond Hatton, and Lynne Carver.

The movie follows the story of Johnny Brown’s character, who plays a US Marshal named Nevada Jack McKenzie. Jack is tasked with investigating a series of robberies that have been happening in the town of Mesa City. He soon discovers that the robberies are being orchestrated by a group of criminals led by a man named Rance Carson.

Carson and his gang have been stealing cattle and then selling them at a discount price to a local businessman named Matt Brawley. The two men are making a fortune off of these illegal deals, but Jack is determined to put an end to their criminal enterprise.

With the help of his old friend, Sandy Hopkins (played by Raymond Hatton), and a local rancher named Betty (played by Lynne Carver), Jack sets out to bring Carson and his gang to justice. The trio faces several challenges along the way, including shootouts, ambushes, and false accusations.

Despite the obstacles, Jack and his companions eventually succeed in apprehending Carson and his gang, and justice is served in Mesa City. The movie ends with Jack and Betty riding off into the sunset, having saved the town from the grips of lawlessness.

Alan James

Frances Kavanaugh, Robert Emmett Tansey

Ken Maynard, Hoot Gibson, Jack La Rue

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