The Hawk of Powder River (1948)

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“Hawk of Powder River” is a 1948 western film directed by Ray Taylor and starring Johnny Mack Brown, Raymond Hatton, and Riley Hill. The story follows a lawman named Tom Kirby (Johnny Mack Brown) who is hired to investigate a series of robberies in the town of Powder River. The robberies are being carried out by a gang of outlaws led by a mysterious figure known only as “The Hawk.”

As Tom begins his investigation, he teams up with an old friend, Red (Raymond Hatton), who helps him navigate the treacherous terrain of Powder River. Along the way, they encounter a woman named Betty (Ellen Hall), whose brother was killed by the Hawk’s gang. Betty joins forces with Tom and Red, and together they work to bring the outlaws to justice.

As they pursue the Hawk and his gang, Tom and his allies face numerous challenges and obstacles, including dangerous shootouts and treacherous ambushes. But with their determination and skill, they are ultimately able to track down the Hawk and his men and bring them to justice.

Overall, “Hawk of Powder River” is a classic western tale of good versus evil, with plenty of action, adventure, and suspense along the way.

Ray Taylor

George Smith

Eddie Dean, White Cloud, Roscoe Ates

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