The Great Saint Louis Bank Robbery (1959)

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“The Great Saint Louis Bank Robbery” is a 1959 crime film directed by Charles Guggenheim and John Stix, and starring Steve McQueen, Crahan Denton, and David Clarke. The movie is based on a real-life bank robbery that occurred in St. Louis, Missouri in 1953.

The film tells the story of a group of criminals who plan and execute a daring heist on a bank in downtown St. Louis. The leader of the gang is George Fowler (played by Crahan Denton), a career criminal who has carefully planned every aspect of the robbery. The other members of the gang include a young getaway driver named Gino (played by Steve McQueen) and a veteran safecracker named John Egan (played by David Clarke).

The robbery goes according to plan, and the gang manages to steal over $1 million in cash and bonds. However, things quickly begin to unravel as the police launch an intense investigation into the crime. Gino becomes paranoid and starts to suspect that the other members of the gang are planning to double-cross him. Egan becomes increasingly unstable and starts to drink heavily, while Fowler tries to keep everything under control.

As the police close in, the gang members turn on each other, leading to a violent and dramatic conclusion. The film ends with a sobering message about the consequences of crime and the dangers of greed.

“The Great Saint Louis Bank Robbery” is a gritty and suspenseful crime drama that explores the motivations and psychology of the criminals involved in the heist. The film features strong performances from the cast, particularly Steve McQueen in one of his early roles. It is also notable for its use of on-location filming in St. Louis, which adds to the authenticity and realism of the movie. Overall, it is a classic crime film that has stood the test of time.

Charles Guggenheim, John Stix

Richard T. Heffron

Steve McQueen, Crahan Denton, David Clarke

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