The Goat (1921)

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“The Goat” is a silent short film released in 1921, starring and directed by Buster Keaton. The film follows Keaton as he is mistaken for an escaped criminal known as “The Goat,” and he must evade capture while trying to clear his name.

Throughout the film, Keaton faces a series of comedic challenges, including being pursued by the police, accidentally stealing a car, and getting caught up in a high-speed chase. Despite his best efforts, Keaton’s attempts to clear his name only lead to more trouble, and he becomes more and more entangled in the criminal underworld.

“The Goat” is a classic example of Keaton’s style of physical comedy, featuring his trademark deadpan expression and incredible stunts. The film is often cited as one of Keaton’s best works, and it remains a beloved classic of early film comedy.

“The Goat” is also notable for its innovative use of camera angles and editing techniques. The film features several long tracking shots and dynamic camera movements, which were unusual for the time, and it demonstrates Keaton’s innovative approach to filmmaking.

Buster Keaton, Malcolm St. Clair

Buster Keaton, Malcolm St. Clair

Buster Keaton, Virginia Fox, Joe Roberts

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