The Girl from Monterrey (1943)

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The Girl from Monterrey is a musical comedy film released in 1943, directed by Wallace Fox. The movie follows the story of Gloria (played by Armida), a talented singer from the small town of Monterrey who dreams of becoming a star in the big city of Mexico City.

Gloria’s chance comes when she meets a famous singer named Jorge del Campo (played by Luis Alcoriza), who offers her a job singing in his nightclub. With the help of Jorge and his manager, Gloria becomes an overnight sensation and quickly rises to fame.

However, Gloria’s success attracts the attention of the jealous and conniving Rosita (played by Maria Luisa Zea), who is also a singer and wants to steal Gloria’s spotlight. Rosita hatches a plan to ruin Gloria’s reputation and career, but Gloria’s loyal friends and allies come to her aid to help her overcome the obstacles in her way.

As Gloria’s fame continues to grow, she must navigate the ups and downs of the entertainment industry and confront the challenges that come with her newfound success. Ultimately, Gloria learns valuable lessons about the true nature of friendship and the importance of staying true to oneself.

The Girl from Monterrey is a fun and lively musical comedy that showcases the talents of Armida as a singer and actress, as well as the vibrant culture and music of Mexico.

Wallace Fox

Robert Gordon, George Green, Arthur Hoerl

Armida, Edgar Kennedy, Veda Ann Borg

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