The Girl from Calgary (1932)

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In this 1930 film called “The Girl from Calgary”, a French-Canadian girl named Nona (played by Fifi D’Orsay) is a talented bronc rider and nightclub singer. One evening, an ambitious young man named Duke (played by Monroe Owsley) watches her perform and becomes impressed by her talent. Duke believes that Nona has what it takes to become a star on Broadway and convinces her to accompany him to New York City.

Once they arrive in New York, Nona begins to gain popularity and soon becomes a successful Broadway star. However, Duke realizes that he is being pushed aside by the greedy producers who see Nona as their own personal gold mine. Duke becomes disillusioned with the Broadway scene and decides to leave Nona to pursue his own dreams.

As Nona’s fame and fortune continue to grow, she begins to feel the emptiness of her success without Duke by her side. Eventually, she realizes that she loves Duke and that he was the one who truly believed in her talent from the beginning. In the end, Nona gives up her Broadway career to be with Duke and they both return to Canada to start a new life together.

“The Girl from Calgary” is a romantic drama that explores the themes of ambition, love, and sacrifice in the pursuit of success.

Phil Whitman

Lee Chadwick, Leon D’Usseau, Sid Schlager

Fifi D’Orsay, Paul Kelly, Robert Warwick

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