The Canary Murder Case (1929)

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“The Canary Murder Case” is a detective novel written by S.S. Van Dine and published in 1927. The story revolves around the murder of a beautiful nightclub singer named Margaret Odell, known as “The Canary” for her stunning voice. The book’s main character is Philo Vance, a detective who uses his wit and intelligence to solve the mystery.

The book begins with the discovery of Margaret’s body in her apartment, where she was strangled to death with a silk cord. The prime suspect is her wealthy boyfriend, Louis Clewes, who was the last person to see her alive. However, Vance quickly realizes that the case is more complex than it seems.

Vance interviews a number of suspects, including Margaret’s ex-husband, her jealous roommate, and her piano player, among others. He also employs his knowledge of psychology, criminology, and logic to piece together the evidence and identify the true killer.

In the end, Vance solves the case and reveals that the killer was not Louis, but rather another person with a motive for murder. The book ends with Vance reflecting on the case and the flaws in human nature that lead people to commit crimes.

Overall, “The Canary Murder Case” is a classic whodunit that showcases the brilliance of Philo Vance as a detective and the complexities of human behavior.

Malcolm St. Clair, Frank Tuttle

S.S. Van Dine, Florence Ryerson, Albert S. Le Vino

William Powell, Jean Arthur, James Hall

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