Terror by Night (1946)

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“Terror by Night” is a 1946 American film directed by Roy William Neill and starring Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, and Alan Mowbray. The movie is part of the Sherlock Holmes film series, based on the detective stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The film follows Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson as they board a train bound for London, where they are to deliver the famous diamond, the Star of Rhodesia, to its new owner. However, the diamond is stolen and a passenger is murdered, leaving Holmes and Watson to solve the crime and recover the diamond.

As they investigate, they encounter a cast of suspicious characters, including a mysterious woman, a master thief, and a man with a secret agenda. With the help of a clever disguise and some quick thinking, Holmes must uncover the true culprit before they can escape with the valuable diamond.

“Terror by Night” is a thrilling and suspenseful mystery film that showcases the brilliance of Sherlock Holmes and the loyal support of Dr. Watson. With its intricate plot and clever twists, it is a must-see for fans of the detective genre.

Roy William Neill

Frank Gruber, Arthur Conan Doyle

Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Alan Mowbray

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