Son of the Navy (1940)

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“Son of the Navy” is a 1940 comedy-drama film directed by William Nigh and starring James Dunn, Rochelle Hudson, and Selmer Jackson.

The film follows the story of a sailor named Russ Raymond (James Dunn), who meets and falls in love with a woman named Elaine Carter (Rochelle Hudson). Russ soon discovers that Elaine is the daughter of his stern Navy commander, Admiral Carter (Selmer Jackson). Despite the Admiral’s objections, Russ and Elaine continue their relationship.

Meanwhile, Russ’s best friend, Pomeroy Watson (Gordon Jones), falls in love with a woman named Hilda Johnson (Janet Shaw), who works at a local diner. Pomeroy is shy and lacks confidence, so Russ tries to help him win Hilda’s heart.

As Russ and Elaine’s relationship becomes more serious, the Admiral becomes increasingly upset and orders Russ to be transferred to a remote naval base. However, Russ manages to return to town and rescue Elaine from a dangerous situation, proving his bravery and earning the Admiral’s respect.

In the end, Russ and Elaine are reunited, and Pomeroy finally finds the courage to ask Hilda to marry him.

“Son of the Navy” is a heartwarming film about love and bravery, and it highlights the importance of loyalty and friendship.

William Nigh

True Boardman, Grover Jones, Marion Orth

Jean Parker, James Dunn, Martin Spellman

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