Second Chorus (1940)

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“Second Chorus” is a musical comedy film directed by H.C. Potter and released in 1940. The movie follows the story of two musicians who are competing for the affections of a young woman while trying to make it big in the music industry.

The film’s protagonists are Danny O’Neill (Fred Astaire) and Hank Taylor (Burgess Meredith), two friends who are both talented musicians. They are both vying for the attention of Ellen Miller (Paulette Goddard), a beautiful and ambitious young woman who wants to become a successful band manager.

As Danny and Hank try to make it big in the music industry, they get mixed up with a group of gangsters who are interested in using their talents for illegal purposes. The two friends must work together to navigate these dangerous situations while also trying to win over Ellen.

Throughout the film, there are several musical performances, including several dance numbers featuring Fred Astaire’s signature moves. The film also features a number of comedic moments, particularly between Danny and Hank, who have a bit of a love-hate relationship.

In the end, Danny and Ellen end up together, and Danny and Hank’s music career takes off. The film ends with the two friends playing a triumphant performance, cementing their success in the music industry.

Overall, “Second Chorus” is a lighthearted musical comedy that showcases the talents of Fred Astaire and Paulette Goddard. The film’s music, dance numbers, and comedic moments make it an enjoyable watch for fans of classic Hollywood cinema.

H.C. Potter

Frank Cavett, Elaine Ryan, Ian McLellan Hunter

Fred Astaire, Paulette Goddard, Artie Shaw

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