Rocky Mountain Mystery (1935)

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Rocky Mountain Mystery is a 1935 western film directed by Charles Barton and starring Randolph Scott, Charles “Chic” Sale, and Kathleen Burke. The movie is about a U.S. Marshall, Bob Calem (Randolph Scott), who is sent to the Rocky Mountains to investigate a series of robberies in which the culprits are believed to be hiding out.

Upon arriving in town, Calem is mistaken for a notorious outlaw and is captured by a local sheriff. However, he is quickly able to prove his identity and is set free. Calem begins his investigation and, with the help of a local prospector, Marmaduke “Marm” Brown (Charles “Chic” Sale), he discovers a hidden valley where the robbers have been hiding out.

Calem also learns that the robbers are planning to carry out another robbery, and he sets out to stop them. In the ensuing gunfight, the robbers are defeated, and Calem is able to recover the stolen loot. In the end, Calem is hailed as a hero and leaves the Rocky Mountains with the gratitude of the locals.

Charles Barton

Edward E. Paramore Jr., Ethel Doherty, Zane Grey

Randolph Scott, Charles ‘Chic’ Sale, Mrs. Leslie Carter

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