Rocky Jones, Space Ranger – Crash of the Moons (1954)

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“Crash of the Moons” is a 1954 American science fiction film directed by Hollingsworth Morse and starring Richard Crane, Sally Mansfield, and Robert Lyden. The movie is a feature-length version of the TV series “Rocky Jones, Space Ranger.”

The film opens with Rocky Jones (Richard Crane) and his team traveling to the planet Posedon to help a group of settlers who are experiencing a severe drought. On the way, they encounter a moon named Icena, which is on a collision course with Posedon. The only way to prevent a disaster is to tow Icena away from the planet.

Meanwhile, on Icena, two rival factions are engaged in a power struggle. One group, led by Cleolanta (Patsy Parsons), wants to evacuate the moon and move to Posedon, while the other group, led by Bavarro (Robert Lyden), wants to stay on Icena and exploit its resources. Cleolanta and Bavarro both believe that Rocky Jones and his team are there to help them, and they each try to win Rocky’s support.

As Rocky and his team work to save Posedon from the impending collision, they also become embroiled in the conflict on Icena. Ultimately, Rocky must use his wits and his courage to bring the two factions together and convince them to work toward a common goal.

In the end, Rocky is successful in his mission to tow Icena away from Posedon, and the two factions on Icena join forces to create a new society on the moon. Rocky and his team return home, confident in the knowledge that they have saved countless lives and brought peace to a troubled world.

Hollingsworth Morse

Warren Wilson

Richard Crane, Scotty Beckett, Sally Mansfield

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