Roarin Lead (1936)

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“Roarin’ Lead” is a Western film from 1936, directed by Sam Newfield and starring Tim McCoy, Joan Woodbury, and Paul Fix.

The film follows Tim Corwin (played by Tim McCoy), a government agent who is sent to investigate a series of stagecoach robberies that have been occurring in the area. Tim soon discovers that the robberies are being carried out by a gang of outlaws led by a man named Jim Parker (played by Wheeler Oakman).

As Tim investigates the robberies, he meets a young woman named Betty (played by Joan Woodbury) who is trying to protect her father’s ranch from being taken over by the outlaws. Tim decides to help Betty and her father by going undercover and joining the gang.

Tim’s plan works, and he is soon accepted into the gang. He discovers that Jim Parker is not the true leader of the gang, but rather a man named Charlie Garrety (played by Paul Fix). Tim works to gather evidence against Garrety and bring him to justice, all while trying to protect Betty and her father from harm.

The film features plenty of shootouts and horseback chases, as well as a romantic subplot between Tim and Betty. In the end, Tim is able to bring Garrety to justice and restore peace to the area.

“Roarin’ Lead” is a classic example of a Western B-movie, featuring a hero who fights against corruption and lawlessness in the Wild West. The film also showcases the rugged landscapes and rugged lifestyle of the Old West.

Sam Newfield, Mack V. Wright

Oliver Drake, Jack Natteford, William Colt MacDonald

Robert Livingston, Ray Corrigan, Max Terhune

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