Roar of the Press (1941)

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“Roar of the Press” is a 1941 comedy-drama film directed by Phil Rosen. The film follows the story of Steve Mathews (played by Wallace Ford), a hardworking and ambitious reporter for a struggling newspaper called The Gazette.

In the film, The Gazette is on the verge of bankruptcy and desperately needs a big scoop to boost its circulation and save the paper from going under. Steve seizes an opportunity when he stumbles upon a murder case involving a wealthy businessman named Robert Grant (played by Jed Prouty). Determined to make a name for himself and save the paper, Steve convinces his editor to let him cover the case.

As Steve investigates the murder, he finds himself in a web of intrigue, corruption, and dangerous situations. Along the way, he teams up with his resourceful girlfriend and fellow reporter, Jane Mallory (played by Rochelle Hudson), to uncover the truth and expose the criminals behind the crime.

With his quick wit and persistence, Steve manages to outsmart the real culprits and gather the evidence needed to solve the case. His reporting not only brings justice to the murdered man but also leads to the downfall of a powerful criminal organization.

“Roar of the Press” combines elements of comedy, drama, and mystery, offering a fast-paced and entertaining story set in the world of newspaper journalism. The film reflects the challenges faced by journalists and the importance of investigative reporting in uncovering the truth.

Overall, “Roar of the Press” is a lively and engaging film that showcases the power of the press and the dedication of journalists in their pursuit of truth and justice.

Phil Rosen

Albert Duffy, Alfred Block

Jean Parker, Wallace Ford, Jed Prouty

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