Riders of Destiny (1933)

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“Riders of Destiny” is a 1933 Western film directed by Robert N. Bradbury and starring John Wayne in his first leading role. The movie is about a government agent named Singin’ Sandy Saunders (John Wayne) who is sent to the town of Mesa in order to investigate a group of corrupt landowners who are monopolizing the water supply.

Saunders discovers that the landowners have been using a local outlaw gang, led by a man named Kincaid (Forrest Taylor), to drive out small farmers who rely on the water supply. Saunders takes on the alias of “Sandy Smith” and infiltrates the gang in order to gather evidence against Kincaid and his accomplices.

Along the way, Saunders falls in love with one of the small farmers, Fay Denton (Cecilia Parker), and decides to help her and her father, who are being targeted by Kincaid’s gang. Saunders ultimately exposes the corruption and brings the landowners and Kincaid to justice, saving the small farmers from ruin.

The film features classic Western elements such as shootouts, horseback chases, and fistfights, as well as some musical performances by John Wayne. It was well received by audiences and helped establish John Wayne as a leading man in Western films.

Robert N. Bradbury

Robert N. Bradbury

John Wayne, Cecilia Parker, Forrest Taylor

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