Renegade Girl (1946)

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“Renegade Girl” is a Western film released in 1946, directed by William Berke and starring Ann Savage, Alan Curtis, and Edward Brophy.

The film tells the story of Jean Shelby (Ann Savage), a young woman who is the daughter of a Native American mother and a white father. When her father is killed by a group of corrupt businessmen who want to seize his land, Jean vows to get revenge.

Jean becomes a skilled marksman and learns how to ride a horse, and she sets out to track down the men responsible for her father’s death. Along the way, she meets and falls in love with a young cowboy named Dan Mason (Alan Curtis), who helps her in her quest for justice.

As Jean and Dan get closer to finding the men responsible for her father’s death, they must also contend with a corrupt sheriff (played by Edward Brophy) who is determined to stop them.

The film features several exciting action sequences, including horseback chases and shootouts, as well as dramatic moments that explore the themes of justice and redemption.

In the end, Jean and Dan are able to bring the corrupt businessmen to justice, and Jean finds closure for the loss of her father.

“Renegade Girl” was a popular Western film of its time, featuring a strong female lead and a cast of colorful characters. The film addressed issues of racial prejudice and injustice, and showcased the struggles of the Native American community during the period of Western expansion.

William Berke

Edwin V. Westrate

Ann Savage, Alan Curtis, Edward Brophy

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