Rain (1932)

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“Rain” is a novel by W. Somerset Maugham, first published in 1921, and later adapted into a play and several film adaptations. The novel is set in the South Pacific, on the island of Tutuila in American Samoa, and follows the story of a group of travelers who become stranded on the island during a torrential rainstorm.

The main character, Charles Davidson, is a Christian missionary who is traveling to the island of Apia to open a church. He becomes stranded on Tutuila with a group of fellow travelers, including Sadie Thompson, a former prostitute who is on her way to Australia to start a new life. Davidson is immediately drawn to Sadie, but his attempts to convert her to Christianity are met with resistance.

As the rain continues to fall, tensions rise among the group. Davidson becomes increasingly obsessed with saving Sadie’s soul, while Sadie becomes more and more disillusioned with his religion. Eventually, Davidson convinces Sadie to come to his church for a service, but her presence causes a scandal among the islanders. In the end, Sadie is forced to leave Tutuila, and Davidson is left alone to contemplate the limits of his own faith.

The novel is notable for its exploration of themes such as religion, morality, and the clash of cultures, and is considered one of Maugham’s most significant works.

Lewis Milestone

John Colton, Clemence Randolph, W. Somerset Maugham

Joan Crawford, Walter Huston, Fred Howard

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