Quicksand (1950)

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“Quicksand” is a 1950 American film noir directed by Irving Pichel. The movie stars Mickey Rooney as a young man named Dan Brady who works at a gas station in a small California town. Dan is bored with his life and dreams of making it big.

One day, while browsing a local store, Dan meets a beautiful woman named Vera Novak, played by Jeanne Cagney. Vera is a femme fatale who seduces Dan and lures him into a web of deceit and crime.

Vera convinces Dan to lend her money and take her out on the town. She leads him to a gambling den, where Dan loses all his money and ends up owing a dangerous criminal named Nick Garcos, played by Peter Lorre.

Desperate to pay off his debt, Dan steals from his workplace and gets caught. He ends up in jail, and his life spirals out of control as he becomes more deeply involved with Vera and Nick’s criminal activities.

Throughout the film, Dan’s attempts to escape his predicament are constantly thwarted, and he finds himself sinking deeper into the quicksand of his own making. The movie ends with a tense, dramatic confrontation between Dan and Nick, with Vera caught in the middle.

Overall, “Quicksand” is a classic example of film noir, featuring themes of greed, lust, and betrayal. The film is notable for its strong performances, particularly by Rooney and Lorre, as well as its moody, atmospheric cinematography.

Irving Pichel

Robert Smith

Mickey Rooney, Jeanne Cagney, Barbara Bates

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