Princess Iron Fan (Tien Shan Gong Zhu) (1941)

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Princess Iron Fan (Tien Shan Gong Zhu) is a 1941 Chinese animated film directed by the Wan brothers. It is considered the first feature-length animated film in Chinese history.

The film is based on a popular Chinese folk tale, which tells the story of a group of travelers on a quest to obtain the magical fan of Princess Iron Fan, in order to use it to extinguish flames on a mountain blocking their path. Along the way, they encounter various obstacles and enemies, including the mischievous Monkey King.

The film was a technical achievement for its time, featuring detailed and intricate hand-drawn animation, as well as the use of a multiplane camera to create depth and movement in the backgrounds. The film also features traditional Chinese music and song, which adds to its cultural significance.

Princess Iron Fan was released during a turbulent period in Chinese history, when the country was at war with Japan. The film’s themes of perseverance and overcoming obstacles in the face of adversity resonated with Chinese audiences, and it became a beloved classic of Chinese animation.

Today, Princess Iron Fan is recognized as an important milestone in the history of Chinese animation, and it continues to be celebrated for its cultural and artistic significance.

Wan Laiming, Guchan Wan

Wang Gan-Bai

Guanxiang Liu, Chen Zhengfa, Zhou Jirang

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