Phantom Thunderbolt (1933)

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“Phantom Thunderbolt” is a Western film released in 1933, directed by Alan James and starring Ken Maynard, Dorothy Dix, and Tarzan, the horse. The film follows the story of a cowboy named Ken Mitchell (Ken Maynard), who is falsely accused of robbing a stagecoach and killing the driver.

Ken sets out to clear his name and catch the real culprit, the notorious outlaw known as the Phantom Thunderbolt, who has been terrorizing the countryside. Along the way, he meets a beautiful saloon owner named Molly McVey (Dorothy Dix), who offers to help him in his quest for justice.

As Ken and Molly get closer to finding the Phantom Thunderbolt, they face many dangers and obstacles, including a gang of outlaws who are working with the Phantom. In the end, Ken manages to capture the Phantom Thunderbolt and clear his name, with the help of his trusty horse Tarzan and Molly.

The film is notable for its thrilling action sequences, including a dramatic horse chase and a tense shootout, as well as its colorful characters and Old West setting. “Phantom Thunderbolt” remains a classic example of the Western genre and a popular film among fans of classic Hollywood cinema.

Alan James

Alan James, Forrest Sheldon, Betty Burbridge

Ken Maynard, Tarzan, Frances Lee

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