Paradise Isle (1937)

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“Paradise Isle” is a 1937 American romantic adventure film directed by Arthur Greville Collins and starring Movita Castaneda, Warren Hull, and Kenneth MacKenna. The film follows the story of a young woman named Luana (Movita Castaneda) who lives on a South Seas island with her father and her people. One day, a young American pilot named Jim (Warren Hull) crash-lands on the island, and Luana nurses him back to health. The two fall in love, but their relationship is complicated by the fact that Luana is promised to another man, a powerful chief named Tanoa (Kenneth MacKenna).

As Jim and Luana try to navigate their feelings for each other, they are faced with a series of challenges, including a group of pirates who have their eyes on the island’s riches, and Tanoa’s jealousy and anger. Jim must prove his worth to Luana’s people and win Tanoa’s respect if he is to have any chance of staying on the island with Luana.

The film is a classic example of Hollywood’s portrayal of the South Seas as an exotic, romantic paradise, and features a number of musical numbers and dance sequences that showcase the talents of the film’s Polynesian cast. Despite its somewhat clich├ęd plot and stereotypical portrayals of indigenous peoples, “Paradise Isle” remains an enjoyable and entertaining film that captures the spirit of adventure and romance that was popular in Hollywood films of the 1930s.

Arthur Greville Collins

Allan Vaughan Elston, Marion Orth

Movita, Warren Hull, William B. Davidson

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